Pooch Patrol

Pooch Patrol...

You know you remember them, right?

When I was a kid, Frith knows how badly I wanted one. I had my eyes set on one particular Pooch Patrol : the dalmatian. I was so fond of the thing I created a bad guy in one of my lil comics I used to draw which, guess what, so happened to be a spotted angry dog. ;)

But I never got one. I don't recall how much they used to sell for, maybe they were pretty expensive for yet another stuffed animal, and I have to agree with my parents I already had way more than could fit in my bed at night. They thing is, I've ALWAYS had a special thing for stuffed animals. I guess it comes from my love of animals in general, and the fact that I respect them enough not to force them to live with me because I know the life I could offer them would be nothing compared to what they can have in their natural habitat, therefore I prefer having the stuffed toy versions. And I can't really blame my parents for not allowing me to have every single toy I wanted. I don't think they could've known this wasn't one of those numerous short term passions kids tend to have for toys, leaving them to rot and gather dust after a few weeks at most.

A few years later, when I was in grade 6, I used to walk to school with a friend. In the morning I'd ring at her door and wait for her to come out and we'd walk together. One day she was late and so her Mom invited me to come in and wait for her in her room. She had a Pooch Patrol. It wasn't a dalmatian, but it was the closest I had ever been to one of these none the less. My friend (Hi Audrey-Maude!) quickly saw how passionate I was about it and decided to give it to me because she had lost interest in it. I was thrilled!

Now so far this Pooch Patrol (I named Colonel Woof) had been enough to satisfy my passion for this particular toy. Sure I was still keeping an eye out for the dalmatian once in a while on eBay or in garage sales but not that much. I was actually starting to believe I had imagined the dalmatian and there never was a dalmatian Pooch Patrol. Until something happened a few weeks ago.

A friend of ours contacted Ben via MSN saying "Hey, they're having a huge garage sale right next door and I've seen a few good looking stuffed animals, do you think Louve would like some? They're 1$ each..." So the contact was passed to me. But since I'm pretty difficult when it comes to stuffed animals, looking for realistic more than cute but still not those wannabe realistic plush with the yucky plastic fake eyelids, and yet sometimes it looks decent but not always, and... well... you see how it could be hard to ask for someone else to buy a stuffed animal for me unless it's a brand I know by heart, like Folkmanis or Leosco's Save Our Space, I decided to ask for something specific instead. "Did you see any Pooch Patrol, there?" Francis didn't know what a Pooch Patrol was, but after I showed him a picture he said "Yes, I believe there's one of these. Don't move I'll get it for you." A few minutes later he was back with a black Pooch Patrol with white fluffy ears and tail, white feet and white muzzle. I know that one...

This new acquisition added oil to the fire. I started researching Pooch Patrol like mad. I found the add on YouTube and realised there's VERY little information about these toys on the Web. They're mentionned in a few "remember your 80's toys" website, but with so little details it's sad. And eBay is not of so much help either, it's always the same 3 models being posted for auction : the grey poodle, the beige and brown bulldog with a patch on the eye, and the brown bloodhound or something.

There's the occassional super-hero but I hate those. I'm after the true and true Pooch Patrols which are nothing but doggies.

Obviously I'd love love love to find the dalmatian. Because I found proof it either exists or I'm not the only fool who think it does : someone on one of the "remember your 80's toys" website posted a comment that the one they used to have was the dalmatian. So there's a spotted Pooch Patrol out there. And I badly want it, as badly as I did when I was child, only I've been wanting it for over 15 years now...

In the meantime, since I can't seem to find the dalmatian anywhere, I'm gathering as many different models as I can, without of course ruining myself either. Eh, I still need to pay the bills... But I've been lucky so far.

I have my Colonel Woof which was a present.
Francis bought me the black and white one for 1$ (I still need to meet with Francis somewhere to get the Pooch)
I've bought the bulldog on eBay for under 15$ shipping included.
I've bough a rottweiler on eBay, again for under 15$ shipping included.

So far so good, I own 4 designs of the 8 I know of. I've actually drawn all the designs I know of to use as a reference. I'm trying to "catch them all". ;)

If anyone has any info about the Pooch Patrol, I'd love to hear it.
I'm looking for the original factory names of the dogs, as well as pictures of any other designs I don't currently have on my drawing (but no super-heroes please, and no puppies either, what I call the Pooch Puppies being the small ones you'd press on their tummy and their jaw would open up like a pincher).

I'm also looking to buy any Pooch Patrol I don't currently own, in as good as possible condition though I can manage some washing and some minimal sewing repair, as long as the fur itself is not completly matted or the eyes or nose aren't too scratched or any other similar "hard to fix" problems most stuffed animals end up having. ;) I require pictures and must warn you I don't have a large large budget for this. I do draw, though, and would be open for trade.

The two models I'm currently looking for the most are the dalmatian and the grey one with white fluffy cheeks and black ears. He reminds me a of a german shepherd a bit in the wrong colors.

I thought I might as well post this on my journal, who knows who might see it...

eBay's fun stuff

Some people will go through a lot of trouble to sell their stuff on eBay while others seem like they just want to waste time.

And some people are just having fun along the way. ;)

I recall the pair of fashion boots that were sold with a story of a teenage girl who had bought these using her parent's credit card...
There also was a pair of pants, once, with an interesting story I'm having a hard time recalling... I think it had something to do with the wife saying "it's either me, or the pants" and so because it was illegal to auction the wife, the pants were being sold...

Today's special treat is absolutely adorable. Someone gave much more importance to a normaly rather dull object just by giving it a personality.

This auction truly deserves all the attention it can get, that seller really went through a lot of trouble for it. :)

eBay horrors

While I'm lurking looking for amazing stuffed animals at bargain price, I often fall upon things that are... well... confusing to say the least.

I thought I'd share a few from today's hunt :

This one started all cute. Oh, it's a bull! And a hereford (for some reason I have a soft spot for those particular bovines) awww... But then I read the description and the part that got me was when they say "A stocky little bull complete with his dangly bits and horns." Ok, er... Do I dare ask what are those dangly bits you're talking about?

Shopping for Ugly Dolls always brings up interesting auction. The keyword "ugly" is bond to attract all sorts of mysterious stuff.
That one, though, has got to be the weirdest of them all. The doll itself already looks possessed, but why did they feel the urge to mention it has "no chew marks"???

Now that, that is weird... I'm tempted to keep an eye on it to see of anyone will actually bid to pay for the picture of a slice of bread, but I don't think I'm interested enough. Wow... Just wow...

First try

Well I might as well start writing in this thing now that I have one.


Not much to say right now, we'll see how long I can keep it up before I give up writing in it. lol